Past and present

22 Jun

I think about this blog every day, I think about the reasons why I decided to write it and whenever I open it and read it, I always have that feeling that it has been one of the most beautiful things I have ever done.

And I wish I had the time and the focus, and the constance of those times.. when waking up was the step before writing. Taking out all the energy I have inside, my feelings, my stories, my beautiful life.

Now Life is still beautiful , is just different.

At the time of the trip and the blog, I was just wondering around the world experiencing travels and adventure in US and Mexico. Now I see myself with a satisfying amazing job running up and down for meetings and great projects in Dubai

I am preparing some word to speak about my experience here, and, given the time of the year in this part of the world, I will give you my thoughts about what I learnt of this culture, and religion. Ramadan.

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