La Sirena Clandestina

24 Oct

Brazil and Argentina are two forthcoming visiting countries after Mexico and USA and I was so happy to find one of the best restaurants ever that would mix mainly these two cuisines together with other Latin culinary masterpieces.

La Sirena Clandestina has opened just a week ago in the West Loop, but me and Dino from outside we immediately understand that place would be special since it was packed, and with really nice people too. Staff was  adorable, it was  nice to see the chef coming out with his just made dishes and taking them to the tables. There is kind of a good vibe in this place, ” buena onda” I would say.

The ambience is quite dark, with floorboards taken from an Evanston church and 1940s chairs taken from old schools and a Brigitte Bardot picture on the wall.

While waiting to be served we had some fries and I asked for a Negra Modelo, which is among my favourite beers ( they are all mexican though)  and then we took a look at the menu, where there was evidence of south america melting pot.

Dishes were divided into De la calle, De la Casa and Al lado. We ordered empanadas and provoleta first: typical argentinian food:  I have been many times to Argentina, and they were exactly like those I had tasted outhere; my lime and coriander risotto was delicious and delicate, even if Dino wouldn’t like it so much as he is not a big fan of Coriander.. Picanha was tender and juicy, pao de queijo was spongy and tasty and i was finally enjoing a meal in all its species.

I heard ithat the chef John Manion strictly used local ingredients while being influenced by the flavors of Latin America.

De La Calle features more typical South American street food, like daily fresh ceviche and empanadas that will always be baked and not fried and this is specified into the menu.

De La Casa section will have larger plates like a pork loin Milanesa. It is what in italy call Cotoletta alla Milanese, a typical dish from that city.

Al Lado section is for  sides and salads because that’s what comes with the food.

I liked the fact that in the menu I found easy and simple dishes, not fashionable  nor too sophisticated but those that you would eat at home.  I think there is more and more need to be back at tradition and simple things and this restaurant interpretaded this need at his best, as for the warm welcome to the guests, recicled decoration and mama’s cuisine.

Don’t miss it when in Chicago, it is in the West Loop and the address is:

954 W Fulton Market (at Morgan) Chicago, IL.

You might need this number to get information about opening times or other requests, but at La Sirena Clandestina it is not possible to book a table.

Telf: 60607 312-226-5300

official website

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