Authentic american experience in Michigan City

24 Oct

Among the plans for sightseeing in Chicago, Natasha organized a little tour to Michigan City, her native city and where she spent most of her life. Natalie also came with us to spend the day. I told her I was absolutely happy to see it and go a little bit in the deep of American culture, far from skyscrapers and tourists. And I had a lovely day there with all her beautiful and big family.

It took about one hour to get there by car, and our first stop was at Tosh’s mum place, Sally,  a lovely house in the middle of the green with a great flag outside and 3 tremendous rot-wailers inside. Of course they all decided to jump at me when they first saw me. Sally had decorated her house in a proper Halloween American style. I liked it so much and she told me she had pumped up a little bit this year because it was the last year she would have the last kid at home. Her youngest daughter, Sidney, would leave soon for University in California. “Best Witches” on the wall, pumpkins everywhere and spiders and spiderwebs ( fake of course) making this house a witch one. I adored it!

We also took a look at the city, passing through Tosh’s father house, office, Tosh’s school and of course she showed me around in her childhood place. That was nice. If it was not for her I would probably not have visited this city again, and the day was so funny dealing with all this big family issues. We had lunch on the lake, at a place called Swingbelly, with all locals and had a proper hamburger. It felt good to be in that place, I really felt like a gringo among all americans. After lunch we took again the car and drove to Garwood’s Orchard, a family run farm established in Michigan City since 180 years. This place is very well known for its apple trees, and for the trade of apples and for producing one of the greatest culinary discovery in US: apple caramel topped with peanuts. Delicious. In US is quite popular but I had never had one. We wandered around the farm, in theis time of the year full of pumpkins outside and also bought some delicious candies to bring at Natasha’s Grandpas.

It was again very sweet to be in the middle of nowhere, in the house of two 80 something lovely couple, exploring their house full of family pictures and listening to their funny family stories. It is beautiful when you get into another culture, another country house, especially because you get to see things you might probably seen only in movies. Tosh’s grandmother is amazing, very funny and despite the age she looks very bright. I saw again Hailey, Tosh’sister, which I had met in Naples 2 years ago. Patrick is the only male cousin so far, but he is so funny and nice, and with the dream to come to London soon. There was also Sarah, another cousin that I would meet in California since she would host me and natasha there.

After Michigan city is time for another great moment of the trip: Jovanotti’s concert. I have been so lucky to be in Chicago just during one of my favourite italian  singers’ tour in US.

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