That’s so me

9 Sep

I often log in with the intention of writing again.

I like to realize that even if it has been seven months since I wrote my last article, people still enjoys reading my blog.

So I click on “new article”, and feel like I am ready to start writing…then on the right there s a list of bizarre articles names, which I barely recognize as mine.

It feels so far away from that, I feel so different already and then concentration disappear. I say: next time.I prefer reading my funny stories and thoughts of my 90 days backpacking.

Even if I stopped writing on the 25th February,  my way to Rio keeps going on. And I keep traveling quite a lot.

After my return to Naples in January, I passed through Barcelona for a dinner with my friends at Por Venir, visited Switzerland and its quiet lakes and mountains, cooked in Portofino for 150 people with a friend , topped up my oyster card in London just to feel like I was living there again, sung in an underground karaoke in Rome for one of my best friends birthday,  played the hajje in istanbul in order to enter in one of the most famous mosques in the world,  gained arabic residency and driving license for a new, fantastic job opportunity; Swum in crystal clear waters in Formentera and partied a teenager in Ibiza; I was kicked out from a governmental office for having my legs not  covered enough, stood at the foot of the tallest building in Dubai and –  last but not least – during a security inspection of a check control in Iraq I run out from the car because of a grasshopper. I imagined the day after local newspaper mentioning of an  italian woman  in Iraq for business purposes, shot as believed to want to escape from the Iraqi check control.  That’s so me.



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