15 Oct


My last day in Nyc was really melancholic. I usually don’t like good-byes and get upset when something is getting over.

I sipped my second coffee of the day, no Sausalito this time, and I went to visit Erica.

Erica is an Italian-American girl whose father is originally from Ischia, an island in front of Naples where I spent most of my childhood .

She used to come to Ischia to spend her summer holidays there.

It was really emotional to see her  again after all those years, at her home in New York with her lovely daughter and talk a little bit about childhood memories in Italy.

We had a quick chat at her place, I played a little bit with her lovely baby and I left, discovering a little bit her area in the Upper East Side.

I took a bus and  joined my former classmate Ivan  for lunch at his place in a skyscraper with stunning views right on the Empire State building.

We had nice time talking about the future and the past, when we were spending time together as schoolmates.

Of course we  also talked about the present, a present that seems very successful for him.

I was not able to meet his girlfriend, but talked about the fact that  she will probably become his wife soon. He has now  a great job and many satisfactions and a great career ahead.

It was good to see how a little man becomes a big one in another city far away from home and at the same time  he had kept his warm smile and genuine attitude. Bravo Ivan!
I was also able to visit  Bianca, we used to go hang out when we were adolescents, and  now she is living with her husband and two lovely sons in NYC.

On my way to la Guardia airport I grabbed a copy of a Metro newspaper and the main title was: if you can make it here … you’ d better be rich. Ok, it was not what Sinatra sang, but it made me smile.

I didn’t like my terminal at  la Guardia airport but I absolutely loved Chicago O’Hare airport, very well-organized and clean.

The first impressions on Chicago were amazing, and it lasted until I left this great city.

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