Goodbyes and hellos

26 Nov


I had just left my lovely travel mate Soo at the ADO bus station, I hugged her and I had the feeling I was again alone on the road.
This is an adventurous and beautiful feeling, makes you feel free and strong.
But at the same time it is sometimes scary and while I was thinking about it, I saw three familiar faces boarding my bus to San Cristobal de las Casas.
I had not only met them in Mexico City and shared a tequila night at the Stayinn Barefoot but I  had also bumped into them in the street on my first night in Puerto Escondido.

It was good to see Justin, Paul and Kevin again;
There was another guy with them: a tall handsome and really funny German guy who couldn’t be more German, called Jonas.

We will make fun of him during all the trip calling him Das Auto. I don’t really remember when, but some of the guys has imitated the voice of the slogan for Volkswagen.

Justin is a super sweet student of economics, he would not only win the award as better behaved kid, but also a nickname “Bieber” for his name and likeness with the popular teenager singer.

Paul is  from Melbourne and is a good friend of Justin. He has an unmistakable pigtail, sometime he makes a tender baby face pretending to look as the model child and steal the “little angel” role to Justin; but when he does that dark, mysterious look he really looks like Johnny deep. That is why we would call him Johnny.

Kevin could me nicknamed “the activist” for his great interest towards politics and zapatismo. He is the youngest, but wisest and calmest.

During the 12 hours bus ride from Puerto Escondido to San Cristobal de las Casas we talked about the fact that we were meant to travel together from that moment onwards, having met by chance already few times. And so it was.

Once arrived at destination, we went straight to Iguana hostel that had been recommended from mine and their friends as being a good hang out place.

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