Crocodiles and Mother Nature

27 Nov

On our third day in Chiapas we took 3 different means of transport to get to Chiapa de Corzo: a little town 40 minutes away from San Cristobal de las Casas and quite close to the state capital Tuxtla Gutierrez.

The town is even renowed for being a “Pueblo Magico“, but we did not have the time to visit it properly.

I liked very much its  main square, or Zocalo, where at its center there is a beautiful fountain in Moorish style made of brick in the form of a diamond, called  La Pila,

We took a boat and  enjoyed two hours and 13 km ride on the Grijalva river narrow canyon passages through the popular “Canon del Sumidero”.

It was quite cold and windy, but we were all fascinated by its vertical walls of about 1000 metres height.

We saw beautiful nature, but I loved to see a crocodile for the first time. I actually saw two, they were chilling on the rocks.

Some of the streams form waterfalls on the canyon’s sides, and the most popular was one with a Christmas tree shape.  Can you believe how great was Mother Nature?

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