Safari dentro la mia testa

24 Oct

How lucky I am! I was visiting Chicago just during  Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti’s concert in the “Windy City”, last 17th October at a very small theatre, “The Vic”.

I had met few days before a friend in New York who had been to  Jovanotti’s sold out concert at the Teminal 5; he had told me it had been incredible, and I was so looking forward to attend as well!

I would have gone on my own if my friend Dino living in Chicago offered himself to come with me. I really appreciated it since he told me he was not  a great fan, but he was sure we would have had a nice time, and actually so it was.

Jovanotti in Italy is a star, he normally plays in huge places with millions of fans. This time it was weird to understand he would play in a small theatre for  a small audience like he would be an emerging singer.

Natalie took to the venue by car, crossing the whole city during the rush hour traffic; we were getting a little stressed and afraid not to make it but it was nice to have a chat with her meanwhile.

I finally arrived on time;  Dino was stuck in the traffic as I had been, so I bought a quite bad beer and had a tour of the theatre on my own. I wandered through the little theatre full of Italians for one night. It was nice to feel a little bit at home so far away and surrounded by compatriots.

When Dino arrived we searched for the best spot where to enjoy the concert, we cheered up with our Corrs beer and suddenly Lorenzo appeared on the stage, flesh and blood, thinner than ever  in a flashy red suit.

He played quite a few  songs, we  danced so much wearing  a cool hat that my twin sister Rubina had given me before to leave: white with a big red written “JOVA”. She he had bought  it few months ago at Jovanotti’s concert in Rome.

I  enjoyed singing the songs I grow up with. Actually, Lorenzo 1994 was the first cd I bought in my life,  containing masterpieces like Serenata Rap , Penso Positivo, Piove and Io ti cerchero. Some of the songs that most reminds me of my adolescence.

After the concert, Dino and I went to a 24 hours dining room in perfect Pulp Fiction style called Clarke’s. It reminded me of the first scene of Pulp Fiction, when Pumpkin and  Honey Bunny  decide to rob the diner where they were having breakfast.

I was glad that Dino did not think about saying: “Everybody be cool, this is a robbery” like in the movie, but he just ordered pancakes with maple while I went for a delicious hot dog and fries.

I went to sleep with “Safari”‘s lyrics on my mind: Safari dentro la mia testa ci sono più bestie che nella foresta. From italian: safari, inside my head there are more beasts than in the forest , and probably it is just the truth.

I think in this trip I will have quite a few chances to make a chat with the “beasts” in my head. At least that’s the plan.

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