Random travelers in Oaxaca

23 Nov

I arrived quite late at Oaxaca, during the five hour trip i was able to write on the blog, and I was satisfied to have been able to go on with the writingafter few days off.

I realize that i dont have any summary skills, once i start writing, i just cant stop, and i feel the need to wrote every single details, since are details i am living so intensely like never in my life and i want somehow to keep them forever.
From the Oaxaca bus tation I went straight to a hostel called Cielo Rojo, i found a place in a dorm but luckily it was only two of us.
I had a nice chat with a spanish psychologist from Alicante; observing his stuff on The bed and coming out from the backpack i had the impression that he was very much into yoga too. It is incredible the hostels world. People that has never seen eachother suddenly share intimacy as normally as ever, sharing bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and often life stories.
Often the rooms have no keys and no lockers, but still you feel safe. If you never lived it you cannot know it, as well as me, before this experience.
once in your life you have to try it, even if you can rent the most luxurious room in the world, it is just different, it is just amazing how you get rid of your insicurities, complex and fears by sharing life with people that often has nothing in common with you but the passion for travelling and meeting new people.
i cannot even remember the guy from Alicante’ s name, but his voice was extremely peaceful, he talked slow but comfortably and i liked that familiar chat on my first night on my own again. He had also been fascinated by mexico like me and had enlarged his stay of a month, linking pleasure with professional enrichment. he had found a place where to practise his profession, with no salary but that he was sure he would have enjoied. He transmitted me a lot of postive energy, it is nice how people can really transmit positive feelings and make your days nicer and lighter.
That night i decided to write some more for the blog and i went down in the common area and i found it more comfortsble to write on a pc.
I was really focused, i was craving a cigarette and some food, but i was so lazy and probably i wouldnt have found any place opened, it was past midnight.
Suddenly i heard voices with marry tones coming in, and a lovely guy said hi and i replied with a smile and a request: a cigarette. I told him ” thank you” and he just replied ” enchantee”. I was not sure if my effort in hiding my italian accent failed or that he was french. He asked me if he could join me smoking a cigarette.
Jeremy is again one of those guys you like at first sight; he is not only a hadsome guy, but also sweet and funny, he is a reporter from new york. He also just arrived to Oaxaca to join one of his best friends, Martin, who had left 2 months before travelling central america. They had a rendez vouz in oaxaca and would spend a week together in Mexico. Martin is also from new york, i didnt really get what he normally did before traveling for a while. He told me he couldnt bare new york life and stress anymore and was having a break and hopefully find himself.
Most of the people travel for pleasure, for passion, for egoism, but most of the people is also pursuing a path and some answers they cannot find in their ordinry lives.
I just think that it can be helpful, but also confusing.
Traveling is too good but it may drift you even further away from stability if you wish to find one. You suddenly live a simple life where you can be happy and alive and when probably the city traffic stress will be replaced by the stress to decide in which town, ruin or beach you will spend the day. Hilarious.
Me, Martin and Jeremy had a tea and went to sleep, we were all tired.
I woke up listening to foreign voices and someone preparing the breakfast.
while waiting for my coffee i bumped into an asiatic girl i had seen at the Barefoot hostel in Mexico City, called Soo. I had actually spoken to her just for few minutes, when i had asked her to help me with knoting my two bracelets with skulls that my twinsister Rubina had given to me before to leave.
soo had been very helpful even unfortunaly after few hours i lost one of the bracelets probably while dancing in Pata Negra or while singing Eminem in the car.
So, meeting her again was a surprise and even more to discover that she was sitting for breakfast just with Martin and Jeremy, the two guys from new york i had met the night before. I joined their table and had breakfast with them; we decided to all go together to MonteAlban, a large pre-Columbian archaeological site few miles from Oaxaca.
We spent the day together enjoying the beautiful views on oaxaca from the hill, going up and down the numerous stairs of pyramids, walking by the tombs, numerous ceremonial altars and stelaes from a population who lived in Oaxaca Valley since about 2000 BC. Incredible.
We stopped on one of the impressive long stairs taking pictures, some funny and hilarious with Dora the explorer or the guys jumping on the altar, but also we tried to imagine how that place could have been so many years ago.
Once back in town, us, four random travelers, went for a “comida corrida” nothing more nor less than a full, fixed price lunch in the center. We all just met few hours ago, but it was super natural to share that day. We laughed a lot.
We walked very much through the artesanal and food market, we stopped by a popular chocolate factory called Mayordomo. We saw employers grinding cocoa beans and we tasted the flavour of just made chocolate, delicious.
I tried the famous Mole of the area, from Nahuatl molli, “sauce”.
it is really popular in mexican food especially in Puebla and Oaxaca. There are different version of Mole, with different colors and tastes like black, yellow, green, almendrado, and pipian.
We spent a beautiful afternoon getting lost in oaxaca streets, and getting inhebriated by the fruit, corn, tortillas flavours that we wanted to try all so badly. But the most beautiful part was when I helped Jeremy to choose a rug for his house, the whole purchase process was so funny, i will remember it with a big smile on my face.
At the food market we bought all the necessary to prepare authentic mexican tortillas at the hostel. Each of use prepared something, me preparing little bowls with guacamole, corn, oaxaca cheese, onion, coriander and being careful in not cutting other ingredients with the same knife of tomatoes, due to a special refuse to the red round vegetables from Jeremy side.
We also bought some beers and stayed until quite late talking about so many topics, sometimes going into the more ridiculous or intimate details.
We were supposed to go to some close bar to get tequilas but one by one we decided to go to sleep.
The Only inconvenient for that night was that i had to share the dorm with two middle age rude british women, who delighted my night with truckdriver snores and noisy farts.
I dont know if it was the unknown provenience of market food i had eaten during the day, the mole, the beer, or those foul ladies, but my body had one of the worst times ever, and i spent all night throwing out.
It was just the day of my first month on the road, such a coincidence, and it was the first time I felt extremely homesick and needing my mum’ s hug and help.
But luckily it was soon over, after have cleaned perfectly the bathroom, i could finally sleep for one hour or so.






















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